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lesley IEW Lesley Walker illustrates the contribution that a good IEW can make and the importance of working with the Principal. (1:07) PLAY
rob lee Principal Rob Lee tells us how IEW Sharron Lindh contributed to the success of the Aboriginal education programs in their school. (2:03) PLAY
sharron How do you view the role of the IEW? Click here to view what IEW Sharron Lindh thinks. (2:09) PLAY


trust Allan asks us to ‘Trust’ him, a great working relationship won’t happen over night but it will be worthwhile. (1:45) PLAY
Why is Respect important to an IEW? Lesley and Allan tell us together. (1:00) PLAY
Allan and Lesley discuss their induction program at school. (1:08) PLAY
Shared Vision
Successful planning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education will involve the Principal AND the IEW. Click here to find out why. (0:56) PLAY
IEWs have the potential to contribute to the growth of your school. Rob describes how Sharron contributed to their ‘Shared Vision’. (1:19) PLAY
Effective Communication
How you communicate your concerns and successes can have a big impact on your daily work. Sharron describes how ‘Effective Communication’ helps her in her role. (1:00) PLAY
Lesley tells us why Effective Communication is important for everyone. (1:03) PLAY
Knowledge Sharing
Lesley and Allan have a good yarn about their Aboriginal students’ latest test results. (1:10) PLAY
Sharron lets us know why having access to her kids data has improved the way she attacks her job at school. (0:54) PLAY
Flexibility and Adaptability
The IEW and the Principal can combine their experience to become a very flexible combination, capable of taking advantage of many situations. (0:37) PLAY
Roles and Responsibilities
Where does the IEW fit in your school? Lesley describes where and how she works best in her school. (1:21) PLAY
It takes two to lead at this school! Lesley and Allan explain why. (1:18) PLAY
Mutual Support
Professional Development can take many forms. Here are a few different ways that Lesley and Allan approach development. (1:28) PLAY
Who decides what kind of development is best? The Principal AND the IEW together will often make the best decisions about this. (1:13) PLAY
Cultural Appreciation
Watch here to see how Lesley and Allan share culture at their school and why they think it is good for the school and their students. (1:29) PLAY
There are many ways to help students learn about identity and culture. Here Sharron explains a few good ideas and how it helps her kids. (1:30) PLAY
Community Involvement
Lesley has a chat about how establishing strong links with the school community has made her school a much better place to be. (1:24) PLAY

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